110711 Struthers Library TheatreTrustees

The Honorable Maureen Skerda,  President
Dr. Paul Boger,  Vice President
Mr. Robert Crowley,  Secretary/Treasurer
Mr. Andrew X. Sokolski
Dr. John John
Mr. John K. Beard
Ms. Susan Stout


Marcy O’Brien,  Executive Director
Charles Gray,  Artistic Director
Dana Simmons,  Administrative Manager
Bob Priest,  Facilities Manager
Barbara Crowley,  Lighting and Technical Volunteer



Mission Statement


Struthers Library Theatre

Entertaining and educating the people of Warren County

and the surrounding region in all the qualities and delights of live theatre,

music, dance and film.

Core Value Statement:

To ensure that audience members and performers have a positive and

memorable experience at the Struthers Library Theatre.

To expand and enhance cultural appreciation for our patrons

of all ages.

To encourage quality live theatre, music and dance experience through

education and participation.

To preserve, protect and improve our historic theatre building for current

and future generations.

To exercise fiscal responsibility in all matters relating to the operations,

preservation, and continuing integrity of the Struthers Library Theatre.

To respect and honor our patrons, supporters, trustees, staff and

volunteers without whom we could not exist.

Adopted by the Trustees in 2009
Revised by the Trustees in 2016