Youth Theatre

Youth Connection & Allegheny Regional Theatre Experience (ARTE)

The Struthers Library Theatre offers musical theatre educational training for our regional young people in grades 2 through 12.  Offering a fall and spring semester that meets weekly and  a week long summer camp for students entering grades 2 through 4.  This camp will focus on musical theater skills including acting, singing, and dancing. The programs are based on the idea that every child has much to contribute to the creative process and a great time is had by all.


Youth Connection

Youth Connection is primarily a service-based performing group open to high school students in grades 9-12.  Each performance season runs approximately twelve weeks: eight weeks of rehearsals followed by an additional three to four week period of performing.  Youth Connection performs for elementary students, senior centers and nursing homes throughout the county, and is the featured performance group at the ARTE/Youth Connection Main Stage show at the theatre.

Rehearsals consist of acting/stage presence skills, public speaking instruction, vocal training, and dance/choreography.  The group learns a 35-50 minute show as well as focusing on individual solo performances.

Jennifer Koebley, Educational Director/Charmaine Check, Manager



ARTE is an education-based performance group.  This group is open to students in grades 5-8. Each semester runs approximately nine weeks long.  At the end of the semester, a Main Stage public performance showcases the skills learned.

Classes consist of:

  • Self-esteem and confidence building exercises, improvisation skills, creativity games and team-building challenges.
  • Vocal training and instruction
  • Music instruction for Main Stage performance
  • Movement/dancing exercises
  • Teaching of staging and choreography for Main Stage performance


ARTE Jr. is an education based performance group. This group is open to students in grades 2-4. Each semester runs approximately 9 weeks long.  At the end of the semester a Main Stage public performance showcases the skills learned.  ARTE Jr. follows the format of the ARTE program with classes consisting of and focusing on the same areas of performance, stage presence, vocal training and dance.



To learn more about the Youth Connection or the ARTE programs call us at 814-723-7231 or email .